Beirut Waterfront Development | Beirut, Lebanon

Client: Solidere
Architect: Steven Hol + /NG Architects + L.E.F.T Architects
Landscape Architect: Verdaus Landscape Design + Chris Blandford and Associates
Scope: Façade and Landscape Lighting Design
Location: Beirut, Lebanon


Located in the heart of Downtown Beirut, the “Zaitunay Bay” development (formerly Beirut Marina), is an extension of the existing cornice. Designed by the internationally acclaimed Architect Steven Holl, the contemporary extension provides extensive public and private spaces along the waterfront having a variety of commercial, residential and retail functions. The Lighting Design for this project includes landscape lighting of the various public realm elevated platforms, outdoor restaurants and plazas as well as preparing lighting guidelines for the restaurant interiors, building façades and rooftop illumination of the residential penthouses, which are architecturally integrated into the layered landscape.


The inspiration for the lighting approach came from the ancient beach that was once the site: a rocky surface with cracks that let light shine through. Through this concept Delta has created a unified image of the area by night, reinforcing the architectural statements made by each architectural and landscape element of the development. The lighting enhances the morphology of the building which is defined by folding surfaces and layers which are "broken" by slits.

At night, linear accents of light appear at locations where the landscape folds from horizontal to vertical, the horizontal is maintained dark and the Vertical surfaces are set smoothly into light. Minimalist designed light poles are randomly spaced along the promenade, spreading light only where it is required thereby ensuring lighting levels are kept relatively low, which allows views to the Mediterranean and avoid light to be spilled.

The buildings colorful and dynamic perforated façade elements are softly backlit, creating an interesting collage at the facades while providing ambient lighting on the balconies for the residents. As the apartment building has no visible façade towards Downtown Beirut the slanting rooftop has been accent lit to make this landmark development notable from the Corniche. Delta integrated a special lighting scenario which can be selected for the roof top when events are taking place.