Eight Gate H1-H2 Commercial Towers | Syria, Damascus

Client: Emmar
Architect: DSA
Interior Designer: DSA
Scope: Custom Landscape Lighting Design, Façade Lighting Design and Interior Lighting Design
Location: Syria, Damascus


The façade lighting seeks to create a night time icon center piece for the area. It is a unifying central element to the development and a gateway into the development drawing visitors and users of the space in. The lighting seen on the façade is in its purest form, extremely simple yet when combined with the architecture it becomes very dominant and visually pleasing. The façade lighting seeks to accentuate this single divide between stone and glass and further differentiate the hanging glass cubes from the main structure.


The lighting follows a minimalist approach and encourages passage through the building to other parts of the development. Linear light sources hidden under planters act as a clean and minimalist lighting element and connect with the façade lighting scheme. The repetitive nature of the planters and their integrated lighting act as guiding markers to the pedestrians almost showing them the way through.


Following the landscape concept, the interiors have also a minimalistic approach as is shown through the integration between interior architecture and lighting. The lighting effects into the space are perceived as very smooth and pleasant mainly because of the use of hidden linear light sources that provide an indirect wash of light into the space. The calm and relaxing atmosphere through the interiors are given by the use of warm color temperature lamps.