Motor City Corporate Tower | Dubai, UAE

Client: Union Properties
Architect: Burt, Hill
Landscape Architect: Burt, Hill
Scope: Façade, Landscape and Interior Lighting Design
Location: Dubai, UAE
Description: A modern kaleidoscope of textures and interwoven planes of materials creates the canvas for the sleek architecture of the AutoMall. A high-rise office building, a hotel, and a series of auto showrooms interconnect to create a unique and exciting complex. The highest standards of technology and sustainability have been incorporated into the design, including maximization of natural light, which allows the building to be labeled "Green and Energy Saving."

The three elements of the complex - the showrooms, offices, and hotel - are part of a unified flowing form that bends, splits, twists, and intersects with itself to create functional spaces. Each auto showroom has its own office and support spaces. Additional amenities include retail locations for designer car related products and cafés.