Executive Team | Patricia Lopez-Yanez, Associate & Team Leader

Joining Delta in 2008, Patricia studied engineering at the Escuela Politecnica Nacional del Ecuador, she then pursued her studies in Architecture to combine her love of mathematics with art, receiving her degree in Architecture at the Universidad San Francisco de Quito in 2001. Working as an architect, she acquired experience in Urban Planning, Airports, Residential and other big scale projects. Patricia then decided to specialize in Architectural Lighting Design, obtaining her Master’s degree in Germany in 2005. Her experience ranges not only between lighting and architecture, but also as a lecturer.

During her time at Delta she has participated and led the design of a variety of prestigious projects ranging from Hospitality, Residential, Retail, Urban and Landscape Lighting.  She has also worked on product design and research, developing custom made luminaires for façade, landscape and interiors.

Along her career, Patricia has developed her creative and commercial skills, taking different types and scales of projects from the initial creative design stages to the final presentation to the client and implementation on site.  She is also actively participating in project negotiation and business development.

Length of Employment in the field: 10 years
Length of Employment with Delta: 8 years
Responsibilities for this project: Project Management, Design Oversight, Research, Presentations, Staff Organization and Resource Management and Business Development.